Penny for your thoughts? Find out what we are purchasing and what resources we are using in our tiny living adventure.

Bare Necessities

For your tiny home

For off-the-grid vanlife

For the trail

For the minimalist wardrobe

For everyday care

For home improvement

Fellow Tiny Dwellers

(If you can, meet these people. They are wonderful and inspiring.)

  • Northbound and Down
    • We spent about a week with Alyssa + a few days with Brian and we miss them already. What started as strangers became quick friends.
  • A Place and All Its Creatures
    • There must be something we like about the name Alyssa because we had a blast getting to know Alyssa + her journey while she was visiting Colorado.
  • Fresh Off the Grid
    • We met up with Megan + Michael when they came through Colorado. They cooked us a delicious meal and we talked about traveling and our future goals. I can't wait to cross paths again.
  • Idle Theory Bus
    • Rachel + James know what they're doing and if your jaw doesn't drop when you talk to them or see their photography, we don't know how to help you.
  • Dirtbag Darling
    • Johnie is cool and she gets it. From her helpful how-to guides to the articles about others getting dirty outdoors, you will leave her website feeling inspired.
  • Rebel on a Rainbow
    • Jonny + Jess have it figured out. Do what you love and avoid paying rent. Check out their ROAR Network where they feature others pursuing their passions.
  • Birch & Pine
    • Kate +Ellen + daughter Adelaide spent six months traveling in their renovated Airstream. While they don't live tiny now, they are still inspiring us with their more simple life.

Our Supporters

  • Vanlife Diaries
    • Jonny, Jared + Sam started Vanlife Diaries to share stories of those living the #vanlife. I have added my blog posts to their website to keep spreading the message.
  • She-Explores
    • Gale and her boyfriend live out of a van. Of course I would like them.
  • The Outbound
    • The reason I love The Outbound is because it connects explorers and helps educate people on the outdoors.
  • Huckberry
    • Their journal is carefully crafted with stories of explorers and adventures; stories you don't want to miss.
  • Mountain Standard
    • We're all about working with local companies that support the outdoor culture and connecting adventurous Colorado people together.
  • Hipcamp
    • This is a great place to start if you're looking to find a place to park or camp. I also write for the journal, so be sure to check that out, too!
  • Nurturing Soul
    • This couple and their two children are my role models. Their photography is captivating.
  • Dirtbag Darling
    • Johnie is cool and she gets it. From her helpful how-to guides to the articles about others getting dirty outdoors, you will leave her website feeling inspired.
  • Say Yes to Happy
    • Julie writes about things that spark her interests—anything from hiking, fashion, food and everything in between.
  • BAMPhoto
    • Britt is one of the best photographers I know. Props to her from coming out to our "tiny" lifestyle and capturing it in the most magical and romantic ways.

tiny living RESOURCES

  • Go-Van
    • Julien and I go hand in hand in sharing stories of tiny dwellers and the van life culture.
  • Tiny House Blog
    • Kent Griswold discovers the different options available for a person looking to downsize into a tiny house or cabin.
  • Tiny House Talk
    • Alex Pino writes about all things tiny, mostly sharing other peoples' homes, workshops and resources.
  • Living Big in a Tiny House
    • A team from New Zealand covers all things tiny, by providing forums, plans and suppliers, and tiny house tours.
  • Reading My Tea Leaves
    • Erin chronicles life in a tiny apartment.
  • Tiny r(E)volution
    • An online home for people interested in simple, minimalist living.
  • Comet Camper
    • A couple (like us!) lives in their cost-effective, off-the-grid, mobile, eco-trailer.
  • Earthship Biotecture
    • Sustainable dwellings made from recycled materials. Need I say more?