Kathleen is currently living part-time out of a spaceship otherwise known as a 1987 Toyota van. She wrapped up the build in October 2017 with Run Away Van. Before this van, she could be found traveling in a 1978 former postal van or a 1987 Toyota van (she apparently has a thing for that kind of rig). And before that, she was living out of a 1969 camper trailer with her former boyfriend Greg (who inspired this whole thing in the first place).

She is passionate about sharing stories of those choosing alternative lifestyles, living more environmentally consciously and spending more time in nature.


I'm an adventurer and traveler, who often takes the road less traveled for the drive of capturing the unexpected.

I have always been a photographer and a journalist. When I was little, I would write and illustrate my own children's books, creating stories about a girl and her dog.

Now I am that girl and Peaches is my adventure dog. This experiment in tiny living has made me a wild child, and I hope to inspire people to get outside and explore.

I am a co-founder of Vanlife Diaries. Throughout the years, I have contributed work to She Explores, The Outbound, Hipcamp and Huckberry. The brands I work with are constantly changing as I question their environmental initiatives and their ability to support freelance work. There are a few brands that I have had a long-lasting partnership with and those brands are Biolite and Sunski.

Contact me to go on a walk in the wilderness, or grab coffee and chat tiny living.


Seems like almost yesterday that I was waiting around for some family to rescue me. Little did I know I would end up on this tiny living blog. All Kathleen does is talk about vans and camper trailers. In the beginning, I wasn't sure what the big deal was, but now I understand. We get to travel more, which means new backyards for me to run around in. Bring on adventure mobiles. They are a dog's (second) best friend.