Thank you for making this book possible

- to Greg who helped me step outside my comfort zone and embark on this journey. I love you. You make me a better person.

- to Blaize who continues to be the best adventure dog.

- to Peaches who entered our lives during the writing of this book and was the most pleasant distraction.

- to our parents who love and support us, even when we take the road less traveled.

- to our illustrator, Natalie Russell, who was able to put our words into artwork in the most beautiful way possible.

- to our editor, Kate MacDougall, who has been editing our blog posts from the very beginning. We couldn't think of anyone else we'd want by our side.

- to Matt + Yoko, who graciously opened their hearts and backyard, allowing us to live on their beautiful land.

- to Lauren + Calum of The Rolling Home who are always supporting our dreams and we love supporting theirs in turn.

Roll with Kathleen, Greg & Blaize in a Camper Trailer

a hardcover book filled with stories and illustrations from our experiences living tiny

Every person who lives small has a story and they all have inspired me. We are so grateful for this community. We have all chosen alternative lifestyles that grant us happiness and the ability to travel more freely.

More than a year ago, we started sharing blog posts about these people.

Now we are ready to share our story.