Penny for your thoughts? Find out what we are purchasing and what resources we are using in our tiny living adventure.

Bare Necessities

For your tiny home

For off-the-grid vanlife

For the trail

For the minimalist wardrobe

For everyday care

For home improvement

Fellow Tiny Dwellers

(If you can, meet these people. They are wonderful and inspiring.)

  • Vanlife Diaries
    • Jonny, Jared + Sam started Vanlife Diaries to share stories of those living the #vanlife. I have added my blog posts to their website to keep spreading the message.
  • Where's My Office Now?
    • I never thought I would become such close friends to Emily + Corey. But as I got to know them, I can't help but feel continually inspired by their philosophy on life and how much knowledge they give me about food, yoga and life on the road.
  • Northbound and Down
    • I spent about a week with Alyssa + a few days with Brian and I miss them already. What started as strangers became quick friends. They live out of their Land Cruiser and have overlanded to some beautiful places.
  • A Place and All Its Creatures
    • There must be something we like about the name Alyssa because we had a blast getting to know Alyssa + her journey while she was visiting Colorado.
  • Fresh Off the Grid
    • I met up with Megan + Michael when they came through Colorado. They cooked a delicious meal and we talked about traveling and our future goals. I can't wait to cross paths again.
  • Idle Theory Bus
    • Rachel + James know what they're doing. I love that they are living as minimally as possible and finding work through farms and raches. And if your jaw doesn't drop when you talk to them or see their photography, we don't know how to help you.
  • Dirtbag Darling
    • Johnie is cool and she gets it. From her helpful how-to guides to the articles about others getting dirty outdoors, you will leave her website feeling inspired.
  • Birch & Pine
    • Kate +Ellen + daughter Adelaide have spent a lot of traveling out of their self-built Airstreams. Now they have a business called Modern Caravan where they build out these beautiful spaces for others.

Outdoor Publications

  • The Outbound
    • The reason I love The Outbound is because it connects explorers and helps educate people on the outdoors.
  • Hipcamp
    • This is a great place to start if you're looking to find a place to park or camp. I also write for the journal, so be sure to check that out, too!
  • Go-Van
    • Julien and I go hand in hand in sharing stories of tiny dwellers and the van life culture.
  • Tiny House Blog
    • Kent Griswold discovers the different options available for a person looking to downsize into a tiny house or cabin.
  • Tiny House Talk
    • Alex Pino writes about all things tiny, mostly sharing other peoples' homes, workshops and resources.
  • Living Big in a Tiny House
    • A team from New Zealand covers all things tiny, by providing forums, plans and suppliers, and tiny house tours.
  • Reading My Tea Leaves
    • Erin chronicles life in a tiny apartment.
  • Tiny r(E)volution
    • An online home for people interested in simple, minimalist living.