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Tiny House Living Festival - Littleton, CO

The Tiny House Living Festival is a traveling three day expo that brings education, advocacy, and application for small space living to dozens of cities across the US and Canada. We feature tiny houses on wheels, school bus conversions, park models, new and vintage RVs, vans, yurts, sailboats, teepees, tree houses and more! Our small space exhibits vary depending on the location of the festival and the local movement’s style and spirit. We also proudly offer expert speaker content, hands on workshops, product and service marketplaces, a craft fair, food, drink, entertainment, and a chance to meet new like-minded people!

Our passionate team is committed to providing a unique experience in each city we visit; while remaining consistent to our mission: celebrating the benefits of doing more with less!


11:00:00 >Mike Schmidt >Tiny Home Industry Update
Business Development Director of THIA (Tiny Home Industry Association), Mike Schmidt, gives an overview of the business of tiny houses. Learn about the tiny house marketplace and what professional builders are doing, explore current issues with coding, zoning and living tiny legally, and get a progress update on where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a community.

11:30:00 AM > Kathleen Morton > Real Stories of Vanlife
Kathleen Morton shares her personal stories of living in a 1987 Toyota van, and a 1978 postal van over the past three years. Each of these homes came with its own setbacks which required some creative solutions. #vanlife

12:00:00 PM > Andrew Odom > From Huts to Hovels
Tiny House History: The saying “form over function” has not always been the case. Since the dawn of time man has been searching for a place to be safe, feel secure, and sustain life. Even before recorded history there were incredible integrations of life and space. This has continued into current day and our pursuit of understanding form and function is as obvious as ever. In this speaker presentation popular author, essayist, tiny house dweller, and educator, Andrew M. Odom, will help show perspective on house and home through history.

1:00:00 PM > Real World: Tiny House Edition > Kathleen Morton, Stephanie Arne and Tim Davison, Chloe Barcelou, Maggie Daniels, Joe Holmes | Moderator: Mike Schmidt
The “reality show” of tiny houses. What happens when the build is over and life begins? Panel will feature multiple tiny house dwellers as they tell their stories of the dream versus the reality.

2:00:00 PM > Creative Animal Foundation > Creative Animal’s “Home”
Stephanie Arne, host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Wildlife filmmaker and artist, Tim Davison share personal stories about global conservation. Their empowering message highlights the importance of sustainable living and reconnecting to the natural world. Listen as they inspire people with practical ways to live a more productive, sustainable, and fulfilling lifestyle.

3:00:00 PM > Joe Holmes > High Elevation Yurting
Listen to personal stories from this Colorado Native who built his own yurt at 11,800′ in the Colorado backcountry.

3:30:00 PM > Maggie Daniels > Try It Tiny
Maggie Daniels, creator of Try It Tiny, helps audiences remove the barriers between themselves and tiny house living. It may be easier than you think to transition into tiny house living with tools like ‘try before you buy’, long and short term land rentals, and more.

4:00:00 PM > Byron Fears > You Don’t Have to Live Like a Monk>
Bryon Fears is the creative and logistical mind behind SimBLISSity tiny homes. Learn from his experiences in over 20 years of building how everything your lifestyle requires can fit into a well designed, space efficient tiny home.

Later Event: August 17
Vanlife Rally - Boulder, CO