The Journey is Now

Over the past month, Greg and I have talked about where we were going to live when our lease was up September 1. The "normal" thing to do was to look for apartments. We searched neighborhoods in Denver (Capitol Hill, Uptown, Cheesman Park, Highlands, etc.). But we soon discovered that we're not "normal." We like to take risks and dream big.

In 2007, Greg lived with his friend Scott in a van in New Zealand while they traveled for four months, and he was itching to get back to that kind of lifestyle. The one where you rely on what few items you have, you live a little more off the grid and take advantage of the outdoors.

No, we're not living in a van, but we'll be living in a camper trailer for a year while we build a tiny house. We're not doing it because of money issues, but because we want to.

Clearly that sounds kinda whimsical and fun in theory, but is it doable? And why do it if you can afford a more comfortable lifestyle?

I had so many questions, but part of life is facing your fears and understanding why you fear it in the first place.

And you probably have several questions, too. Where are you living? What kind of tiny house are you building? What do you do about water and electricity? Is it safe? Don't you have to get rid of all your stuff?

I'm hoping to talk about the pros and cons to tiny living while I'm going through it. You will be right there with us as we build our own tiny house ...