Where to Roam on the Road

So often when we live on the road, we try so hard to do it all. We research new trails to explore; we look for the most scenic spots to stop and play for a while. We used to do those things and they are not at all wrong. But lately we've found a system that works for us and our two dogs.

When we pick a destination, we try to do it also for the fact that it’s in or near national forest.

You might be less than an hour from a populated city, but still find breathtaking views away from crowds of people. There is something freeing about driving through national forest and knowing you can camp in its dispersed areas where it's allowed.

At a campground, you might pay to hang and sleep around groups of people. In dispersed spots, you can usually have them all to yourself. Dogs are also allowed on national forest trails.

Blundstone helped these trips possible. I ordered a pair of their boots from Zappos and put them to the test in some of our favorite places. I hiked down sandy and muddy trails, skipped through pools of water and climbed tree branches and rocks to overlooks. Through it all, these boots held. Mud dried quickly and I was able to remove it without ruining the shoe. The water bounced off as well.

Now, I am off to head back into national forest, with little service but with everything else I need.