She Explores: What Boots Should I Wear on the Trail?

“Because I don’t have room to own too many pairs of shoes, I choose high quality products and then push them to the max. I’ve worn these the Teva Arrowoods working on our van build, camping out of our van and hiking on local trails in Colorado. Whenever I go hiking, these are my go-to shoes. I typically choose hikes between 3-5 miles and with low elevation gain. However, I have hiked in these on steep terrain, such as a recent one I did that had 2,000-ft gain in 1.5 miles. The Tevas handled loose gravel and switchbacks just fine. They’re comfortable, water resistant, flexible and pretty warm, even in the snow. I like that they are easy to put on (not too many ties or loopholes) and that they work well (I think) with anything I wear. I have worn them out in the city, but also in remote areas with nobody around.”

— Kathleen Morton, Tiny House Tiny Footprint