Shane in a VW Bus

Ohhhh, the power of social media!

Three weeks ago, I was with some girlfriends in Salida, CO, when I noticed a beautiful, green van in front of a hardware store. It was the type of tiny home I dream aboutyou know the one. The one that's ready to hit the road, with your gear strapped on top.

So I snapped this photo.

I wanted to know Shane's story and somehow, as fate would have it, he found me through my photo of his van.

In this new blog series, "Roll with Me," let's get small. Step inside the first of several tiny homes I'll be featuring and hear from the people who choose a much simpler life.

I live in a van but I feel like a king.
— Shane Corrigan

Name the make, model and year of your home

My home is named Eleanor. She is a Volkswagen bus, Transporter Type 2 and was born in 1976. Originally sold in Denver, Colorado.

How long have you been living there?

This is my second summer living and traveling in the van.

do you live there full time/part time?

I live there part time from about April-August as she is not a big fan of the snow.

What was the process like to move into your home on the road?

The process was fairly easy as I am new to Colorado so didn't have any roots set and no home base, so the van just made sense. Once installing a roof rack I was able to have everything I wanted/needed with me and the world became my home. 

How do you balance work and life on the road?

My work is what keeps me on the road so it's perfect! I'm a traveling sales rep for my family's company Wilcor Outdoors. We are a wholesale distributor selling camping and summer vacation goods to campgrounds and mom and pop shops across the country. We are based in Utica, New York just at the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. My territories are Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. I get to visit all the quirky mountain towns and amazing national parks where my customers are located. It's ideal!

What are your hobbies on and off the road?

On the road when I'm not visiting customers I'm always doing something fun. My hobbies on the road consist of campfires, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, taking photos/videos and road trips with friends.

What are your top three go-to items when you're on the road?

My snowboard, kayak and mountain bike. I try to incorporate each of them into wherever I'm traveling. 

What has been the most rewarding thing about living on the road?

All the amazing places I get to see everyday. It really is a dream come true to work and travel. Also the random but meaningful people that come into my life day in and day out. Luckily my van sparks conversation easily.

Everyday the opportunity to make a new best friend or even fall in love is possible.

I usually have a friend or two in every town I visit to grab a beer and catch up with. It makes the whole experience. 

What is the most challenging thing?

The most challenging thing is always being on the move. My work keeps me moving even though sometimes I wish I could stay in one place for more than just a day or two. The other challenge is just trying to keep organized in a smaller space. A good cleaning is a must every couple days.

What is your advice to homeowners who want to hit the road?

Hold off on that mortgage and buy a van. It's incredibly freeing. Everyone should live in a van at least once in their life.

Thanks for rolling with Eleanor and me. If you see us on the road please come say hello or throw a peace sign.

To keep up with Shane and his adventures, follow him on Instagram at both @wilcor_shane and @wilcor_outdoors. If you own a business and are looking for new vendors, check out his website or shoot him an email.

All photos credit to Shane Corrigan.