Madison & Cees in a Toyota Motorhome

59 national parks. One epic adventure.
Madison & Cees got engaged in Yosemite National Park a little over two years ago. In the course of this last year, they decided to chase their dreams and see every national park through the windows of a 1989 Toyota motorhome named Vie. Just before setting out, they adopted an adventure kitty, Vladimir Kitten. He goes with them hiking, kayaking and even, on mountain bike rides.
It just so happens that this year is also the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service as well. I caught up with these two to talk about their rig, the build and where they have been on their trip.

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Produced by Kathleen Morton.
Photos courtesy of Madison & Cees Hofman and Katch Silva.
Music brought to you by Sophie & the Midway Tanglers.