Jillian & Robert in an Airstream Land Yacht

Jillian & Robert in an Airstream Land Yacht

Born in a canoe, under the aurora borealis, somewhere in the heart of the Canadian North.
Raised by wolves.
Bison soul.
Bareback rider.
Sagebrush gleaner.
Ponderosa pine tree hugger.
Gregarious Hermit.

These are the words Jillian uses to describe herself on her blog. And even though those words captivate me and take my breath away, I feel something stronger.

Jillian is a creative soul, but not in the usual way we see on our Instagram feeds. She delivers much more. Her beauty is also captured in the light around her, her relationships with the creatures of this Earth and the way she takes an inanimate object and gives it character and power.

This is a woman you want to go on adventures with and dance on the hood of your car. But until then, I will be in a daze as I watch her life unfold inside and outside her Airstream.

Kelly & Justin in an Airstream Overlander

Kelly & Justin in an Airstream Overlander
There is always a backstory to the people I interview for this blog series. Sometimes I find them through Instagram or read an article about them and shoot them an email. But it's pretty rare that I meet up with people first and then discover they are living this lifestyle.
And I wouldn't have met Kelly & Justin if it wasn't for Sarah & Jon—two people that became my friends all because Sarah picked up my business card at a local coffee shop. Sarah must be pretty good at finding people because through the Instagram world, Sarah connected with Kelly & Justin. So when Sarah invited Greg & I out to grab a beer, Kelly & Justin were there as well.
While we were all chatting, I got out my phone to follow Kelly & Justin on Instagram. When I said we went by Tiny House, Tiny Footprint, Kelly said, "I'm pretty sure we already follow you!" And sure enough, she already was.
This Instagram world has been so fascinating. I didn't ask how they found us, but just felt warmth knowing that this tiny house movement has brought so many of us together.