Hands in the Dirt

The new stones are the perfect prop for any pooch photo shoot.

Before we can start working on insulating the camper trailer or installing our composting toilet we need to repair the landscape around our new home. We tore up lots of dirt carving out a spot for us and want to repair it so unwanted weeds don't capitalize on this new opportunity and move in. Also the freshly dug up clay is super sticky and ends up everywhere. So the first steps in repairing the land are sculpting the dirt to fit the new landscape and mulching exposed dirt.

The mulch we are using is made from debris that settled in local creeks during last September's incredible rains and subsequent flooding. It is interesting to imagine the past lives of the tiny bits of houses, barns, trees and furniture that now line the entrance to our new home.

Sit back, relax and watch us do the hard work of gathering mulch and sculpting the landscape for our new front yard.