Digging It

Right now I'm pretty tired. Let me back it up for a second to give you an idea of what I've been up to the past week.

The place we are resting our camper trailer on is pretty sloped. Since the backyard juts up against open space, this makes perfect sense, but it's not exactly convenient when you're trying to place a camper trailer on it.

A week ago, one of the land owners and myself started digging out a flat spot by hand that was on a hill. It was pretty cool for me because I got to know the owner. Pretty soon after, his 14-year-old son helped out as well. When they needed a driver to take their son to mountain bike practice, I was able to offer to help and chat with the son along the way.

Last Sunday, we put our hard work to the test and tried to back the camper trailer into the spot. To our dismay, the camper didn't have enough of a turning radius to make it work. If we had some way to pick the camper up from the sky and place it in the spot, we'd be golden.

Because it didn't fit, we realized quick enough that we would have to recruit some extra help. Luckily my dad has a Bobcat skid-steer, and it was just what we needed to carve out the perfect spot!

A short time-lapse of excavating the land for a flat spot for our camper trailer.

I sculpted the extra dirt into earthworks that fit into the landscape. Now I'm excited for the next step of planting native grasses in some areas and edible perennials in other areas!

The next step is to revegetate the earth we disturbed and prevent noxious weeds, particularly Canadian thistle and bindweed (aka Morning Glory). Another step on my list is mulching walkway paths.

Stay tuned!