Coffee Shop Photo Show

I now have a new appreciation for those photos or artwork you see hanging on the wall at coffee shops. There's a lot of work behind the scenes. Props to our local artists!

Check out Cafe 13 in Golden (1301 Arapahoe St.) to see some of my photography. On the wall, you will see two 8x10 frames of shots taken on South Table and Lookout Mountain.

Over by the coffee counter while you're waiting for a drink, feel free to browse through two baskets. One contains 4x6 frames of photos around Mines campus and downtown Golden. The other contains a random assortment of photos that you can take home and put in your own frame.

This coffee shop has held a special spot in the year I've been working nearby. I appreciate the hometown feel and the locals that visit. They work with coffee farming communities to get their brews. If you're staying to have a snack or a sit down meal, try the apple tart or the Greek breakfast scramble.