Happy Campers

License plate? Check!

We're the proud owners of a 1969 Terry travel trailer! Looks pretty vintage, right? It's about 14-feet long without the axle. Inside you'll find a bathroom (shower included), stove, mini fridge, oven, sitting area and table (that converts into a bed) and a bunk bed. There's a few small closets. I say small, but Greg says they're big. We know who has more stuff at this point. Overall, we hope we really struck trailer gold and got our money's worth. Time will tell.

On the downside, we had to delay moving in by a week or so. It's a drag. No one wants to move once, let alone twice. This is where patience is a virtue. From this situation I've learned that nothing happens as you first expect it.

The land we are placing the camper on needs to be excavated to be more level and less sloped. The turning radius on our new home isn't ideal, so we have to factor that in when the truck pulls into the spot. Also, it's probably a good idea for our home to go through a 40-point inspection so we are at less of a risk of leaks and things like that.

So we're living it up at a family member's place before the big adventure. I say, "living it up," because I know staying at someone's house is going to feel luxurious compared to our tiny living quarters. As much as all this space is enjoyable now, I am still craving our great backyard of open space that is waiting for us.